Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Many Adventures of Us

Great news! We got new blinds today! Jessica was SUPER excited for this arrival so she ran in the apartment announcing that she was home. What she soon found out was that no one was home except the repairman! He had a good chuckle about that, as did we! We also took a trip to the Semi-Annual Sale at Victoria's Secret in Idaho Falls. We purchased $200 worth of product but only paid $68. It was a fun little trip for us to take as roommates in our roommate glory. We sure do enjoy eachother's company and Jessica's many stories! In our travels we danced to the songs that we love. Which include: Boom Boom Pow (Amanda and Necia's favorite), Right Round (Sarah's favorite), Poker Face, Spice Girls, and Calle Ocho (Jessica's favorite). Most people think we are VERY serious.....but in all reality....we are a bunch of kidders! As we embarked home our energy left us, Jessica fell right to sleep, Sarah was amazed by the lightning, Necia was just wanting to get home, and Amanda was deep in thought about her drawrings (yes, that is spelled how she says it!). Upon arrival we parted ways and ventured on to our own activites. Necia and Jessica went to the Purple Pirates football game and Amanda and Sarah went to spy on Tiffany and her FBF (FaceBookFriend). We didn't realize what great ninja skills we had! STOP DROP and ROLL! So overall, today was a good day! Love ya, bye!
Sarah and Amanda

Our HUGE bag that weighed many many pounds!


We all decided to make a promise and write on this blog as often as we can to fill each other in on what's going on when we're not together...and even when we are!
Necia Dalley
Jessica Gibson
Amanda Barrus
Sarah Anderson