Thursday, July 30, 2009

I miss you girls!

I just read both your posts and was so excited but then got really sad because I think we need to all be back together and all our problems would be solved! ha oh man, I wish, but I really do miss you girls and Amanda, I wish I was there! This whole thing makes me so sad and I just wish that there was something I could do, because I agree that this whole thing is too weird to not have something wrong. I just hope that you find out something soon, because waiting this long is not what you should have to go through! And..your spill about boys and how scary it is, I whole-heartedly agree! I was thinking about that the other day and about dating, and how guys have the biggest effect on us and how easy it is for them to be somebody they aren't while dating and then their real person comes out after marriage...I know that that's why it's so important to pray about it and everything, but it still scares me really bad! I just always hope that I'm not blinded by how flattering a guy can be while dating, and that I see those red flags beforehand, you know?
Sarah, I'm sorry about work!! I'm having the hardest time finding a job, and have just about given up on's the sad part, I'm 19 and I don't have any work experience...every break I've had from school that I could have had a job, I went straight to Utah and helped my sisters with their kids and I can't believe I never thought to get a job! Now, my resume is so lame and I don't have anything to show for watching kids all summer for my sisters and nobody will even take me seriously really because of it..I don't know what else to do because there are like no places to work here either! It's a joke! Sorry...that was my little rant for the day, but man I just feel so lame. It's not like I don't know how to work and work hard, but with no experience to show for it, employers don't really take the time to see that I guess.
I so wish we were all back in the same place, it sounds like we could all use it!! I love you girls and miss you!! Keep posting blogs, I love hearing about everything!!

Boy...oh boy!

So I have been pondering things know life and such. Sarah left me so I have lots of time at night to just think because she isn't there to tell me bedtime stories. I sure do miss that. But something still doesn't feel right about Cole. I still haven't heard from him in days which is really weird. People say well maybe he is just ignoring you and doesn't want to talk to you anymore which very well could be what is going on. But something in my gut is telling me that that isn't what is going on. Something just doesn't feel right. I don't know maybe that is just what I want to think. Anyways...I have thought lots about the impact guys have on girls. Guys could say anything to a girl and get them to do anything. Girls are so gullible and fall for it. I think that guys know it too. Some use that to their advantage and I have realized that girls need to be careful. We live in a crazy world and it is so hard to find a decent guy out there. Its scary to think about what could happen. So that is part of what is going on in my life. Another item of business is I think I have to go get my foot x-rayed today. It has been bothering me for a while and either way I think I need it checked to make sure nothing is wrong. I do have tendonitis in both of my feet but this is a constant pain. Its weird. Oh the joy my life has become. I think it is because I don't see you girls every day! I need you! I miss you all very much!!! I hope all is well and I love you girls!!! -Amanda

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So after spending the weekend at the Barrus' house I have come to the conclusion that living in Rexburg by myself......STINKS!!!! I miss playing the Wii with Nic, telling Amanda some great bedtime stories!!!, watching "Say Yes to the Dress" late at night with Tiffany, going job hunting, and watching Harry Potter again! We really had some good times; I am for sure coming back sometime!!! And to make things even better, when I went to work yesterday I found out that my LEAST favorite manager of ALL time is moving back to the night shift!! So lucky me...I will get to work with her a LOT more! :( But on the bright side (maybe) some people at work might have talked me into going to denny's on friday night....the problem is they are all very young, most of them are still in high school! I NEED you ladies back here NOW!! :) And I finished all my Grey's Anatomy so I have nothing to watch if you see any good movies that are on dvd let me know! But I think that that is enough venting for one night, right? But I love you all, yes, even you Jessica (even after those cruel things you said last time!) :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another Adventure with Sarah and Amanda

Okay girls, so I will explain what happened with Cole and what I know so far-which isn't much. So on Sunday he called me when me and my family got back from Utah. We were talking and I finally told him I was ready to meet him which he was surprised at. I had told him many times before that I just wasn't ready but when I was I would let him know. So I told him I was and he said that the only time he would be able to come to Idaho would be that night because he started school soon and it would be a great way to get away before all of that started. He left his house at around 7:30 or 8 and got into Idaho Falls about midnight. He called me at one and told me he was here and that he was so excited to see me. He was so excited he was counting down the hours until I would see him. It was so cute! So we decided we would meet around noon because I had things to do in the morning. About 11 or so he told me that him and Bella were going to go for a drive and see the city because they don't come here very much so they were going to drive down to the temple and walk around and such. So he said he would be back in about an hour to meet up at Central Park. I said okay and at about 11:30 he texted me and said they were on their way back and he would meet me and Sarah at the part at around 12:15 or 12:30. I said okay and that was the last I have heard from him. So we went to the park and waiting till almost 2 until we decided that we were sick of waiting and that he would call or text when he was there. I have been kind of freaked since then because I don't know what has happened. I mean he went for a drive so I kind of assumed he got in a wreck or something but when I called the hospital they had no record of him or Bella there. So that was a good thing but it also put questions in my mind like "Why in the world is he not calling or texting me back?" or "Did he see me and Sarah sitting there and just not like what he saw?" plus so many more questions. I honestly don't know what to think and I wish he would just call me and tell me he was okay or that he just didn't want to see me anymore. I just need something! Its driving me insane! All I can say is pray for me and for him and Bella if something did happen. Just thought you would like to know what happened or more like what did not happen. Love you girls!!!!!!!! Miss ya lots!!!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Jessica's and Necia's experience with Ontario singles ward!!

Me and Jess just got back from a most excellent fhe talent show at the Ontario singles ward. Boy, did you girls miss out! (Jess says hey and she also wants to add her side of the story :)) I will let her tell "Jessica's story" momentarily. once when i was a youngster i longed to be in the ontario singles ward...but...hahaha just kidding back to necia ;) I was getting to the most exciting part of the night...well, I think the most exciting part was when Jessica chased a penny. We'll let you fill in the blanks of that story, it leaves quite a lot to the imagination, but it's probably just as funny the way that you think it rather than if we tried to tell it. Ok, well some of the talents that were shared were comedy acts, piano, clogging to some "hip" music of the 2007 year. There was one act that we weren't quite sure it, but we smiled and clapped appropriately. Jessica really really really wanted to show off her somersault skills, but I decided to spare her the embarrassment and held her back. OH there was an actual gymnast...he was pretty cool, jess said he was legit so he must have been. Umm...then there were some stupid human tricks? I don't really know, but people have some weird things they can do with their body. IF nothing else, it beat sitting at home watching tv...I guess?
Jess would like you to know that she is eating a cheese sandwich, and she would like to share her experience eating it but I decided to not let her. She wants to yell at Sawah really bad...I'm sorry sarah, I would never let her do that to you!! :)
Ok, well we ...hey this is jessica---SAWAH I THINK YOU ARE A ***************%********* (POOPERSTAR) and yes sawah there are more stars and percents than what the word actually spells...that just shows how mad i really am at you silly...I THINK YOU ARE THE WORST @@@@@@@@%^&***((*&^^% EVER!!!!! that means i actually dont know...
Oh sarah, I am so sorry, I tried to stop her!!! Well, this was quite a long post, we will let you girlies go, have a fabulous night and we'll talk soon!!!!
Love you!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oh I miss Amanda and Sarah!!

Oh my word, I laughed hard..and a lot.. at that last post..I miss you girls so much!! And in response to your post, I will most definitely not be leaving you anytime soon! If the pattern continues, I'll proceed to not have any dates during the semester, date a lot at the end and then go on to never hear from those guys again :) Which I decided I'm ok with, because I will still have Amanda and Sarah..and of course Jessica, just not as one of us single ladies :) Amanda, on the other hand has a guy madly in love with her and I'm waiting in anticipation to hear about that so I better get a call!! Me and Jessica just got back from a fireside commemorating the building of our church 30 years ago...what a special treat :) Jessica will agree that it was a wonderful wonderful meeting. For about the first half hour..the next 3 hours were a little long. ha just kidding, it was only 2 hours, but still, people really really like remembering the good ol' days in Fruityland, Idaho. Who wouldn't? With a population of about 1,000, there were some good times had here. I'm just not making any sense, it would be a lot funnier in person when me and Jessica could tell you some stories but I will stop boring you. Love you girls!!!!

Closing Ceremonies of Spring Semester 2009

As we close this time in our lives, we remember all the times we had together. (Thank you Vitamin C-the band) We remember the good times and the bad times. We remember the good times and the better times. We remember the love and hate (Sarah and Jessica) that filled our apartment but the joy that every day brought to us. Looking back we remember the laughter and the tears. But most of all we remember the dancing. Lots and lots of dancing. We will never forget the memories made throughout that time as girls in 201. But we must not forget that we will be together again in 201 but without one of our puzzle pieces. That puzzle piece has a name, that name is Shakira. Oh kidding we are, her name is Jessica. She is leaving us to go be with a man. She will be missed but she will too miss us. Necia will probably be leaving us also seeing as how she dates like a mad woman. Every single night she is gone with a new piece of man hunk. So me and Sarah will share a room in my parents basement and enjoy each others company throughout this time. Until we meet again Jessica and Necia don't forget some words that have been spoken to me so recently. Remember who you are, remember the church is TRUE, remember Jesus loves you, remember not to talk to strangers, and remember we love and miss you dearly. May the spirit be with you always! Your sisters in the gospel, Sarah Marie and Amanda Jo