Thursday, July 30, 2009

Boy...oh boy!

So I have been pondering things know life and such. Sarah left me so I have lots of time at night to just think because she isn't there to tell me bedtime stories. I sure do miss that. But something still doesn't feel right about Cole. I still haven't heard from him in days which is really weird. People say well maybe he is just ignoring you and doesn't want to talk to you anymore which very well could be what is going on. But something in my gut is telling me that that isn't what is going on. Something just doesn't feel right. I don't know maybe that is just what I want to think. Anyways...I have thought lots about the impact guys have on girls. Guys could say anything to a girl and get them to do anything. Girls are so gullible and fall for it. I think that guys know it too. Some use that to their advantage and I have realized that girls need to be careful. We live in a crazy world and it is so hard to find a decent guy out there. Its scary to think about what could happen. So that is part of what is going on in my life. Another item of business is I think I have to go get my foot x-rayed today. It has been bothering me for a while and either way I think I need it checked to make sure nothing is wrong. I do have tendonitis in both of my feet but this is a constant pain. Its weird. Oh the joy my life has become. I think it is because I don't see you girls every day! I need you! I miss you all very much!!! I hope all is well and I love you girls!!! -Amanda

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