Sunday, August 23, 2009

Funny Story!!!

Okay so funny funny story...well it actually isn't funny. Now it is just a pain. So on Saturday I was riding in a big truck with my dad and we were hauling dirt into the backyard of our house and I had just gotten back from cleaning the church that morning. So...I was still in my good clothes cause I knew I would just be vacuuming the church and I had to look good for the boys that were going to be there obviously. Well we got back and I got in the truck with my dad. After a bit I realized that I was getting dusty and that I should run in and change my clothes and put the ones I was wearing in the wash before I forgot. Well I didn't realize that I still had my cellular device in my back pocket still and put my clothes in the wash. As I was getting ready to head back out to the truck I thought to myself and I said "Self, you need to grab your phone before you go outside." Just as I thought that I heard a clunking noise coming from the washer. That is when it clicked so I ran over and tried to open it as fast as I could but the washer was on lock. Finally it drained and I got my phone out. Well long story short it didn't turn on so I had to go get a new one. But I lost all of my numbers in my Jessica and Necia I NEED YOUR NUMBERS!!!!! It was also real funny cause while I was at the cell phone store a little old lady came in and walked up to a man and she said "I have never been helped by a man so rolly before." It was hilarious! That made my day. So yeah...that is my story. I hope all is well with all of you! LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Too long...

So I was thinking and realized that I was the one that was so adamant that we all write on this blog A LOT...and yet here I am and I haven't written for a really long time so since I have nothing to do these days, I thought I'd drop a note :) So my sister visited all last week with my niece and it was so much fun! My niece is so fun and she's talking so much (she's 2) so it's hilarious to hear what words she picks up on and listen to how she pronounces them. Kids are the best, they definitely put life into perspective sometimes. I wish I had a really exciting story or something fun to tell you girls but...nothing comes to mind! I'm really ready to be back at school and be busy again! I know that will change once I start, but I decided I do a lot better when I'm busy rather than not having much to do. I am reading the book My Sister's Keeper that the movie was based off of. So far, it's really good but I heard the ending is nothing like the movie so I'm excited to find out what happens. How are you girls?? I know I talked to you last night but not for very long so fill me in on all the fun stuff! I miss you all!!

Friday, August 7, 2009


So seeing as how no one has written on our blog for a while and I am bored I figured I would do so, not that I have much to say but still. I will tell you a little about what I have done this last week. Nothing. That is about it. No I am kidding, I have applied to more jobs and still nothing. I have also been working a ton on my applications for the interior design program at both BYU-I and LDSBC. A ton of my family wants me to go to LDSBC just because it is closer to them which I would be okay with. I love Utah so that would be fine although I would miss Rexburg a ton! I still haven't heard from Cole at all and it has gotten easier not talking to him at all. Sometimes it still stinks and if something happens I think without thinking oh I should tell cole that or something lame and then I realize how stupid I am. I have been talking a lot to a friend of mine named Sean. He is a sweetheart but we are just friends. He is a good guy so don't get any ideas! ha ha ha! I have also been watching a lot of baseball with my brother and I really enjoy it! Those guys are awesome when they don't take steriods! ha ha! Necia and Jessica you would be so proud of me because I have been playing a ton of tennis! Crazy I know but I can see why you like it so much! I am not very good but its still fun and I am getting the hang of it! :) My theories on life have grown as well...such as...eternity is a very very very long time and we are here for like a milli of that so why are we sad or worried about boys and who likes us and who doesn't. Its all about being me and being happy and I will be fine! Life is great so why not enjoy it! :) Well I love you girls! Remember who you are and Jesus loves you! THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!! Don't talk to strangers!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


All i have to say is that you two, as in Amanda and Tiffany, BEST be coming to live with us in the fall!!! I have a bit of information that might help you guys make up your it is: They repainted our front door! See I knew that would make you want to come live here!!!! It actually kind of creeped me out because I came out of my room today, i was all alone, and i went into the kitchen....and our front door was wide open! I thought we were being robbed or something! but no worries i am ok and all of my stuff is still here! haha
Love you,

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rough news.... have some bad news possibly. Seeing as how I haven't gotten a job yet and still trying to get into the interior design program I might have to live at home for the fall semester. It is still up in the air but I have to make a decision by Monday so I can tell Anne to sell my contract or not to sell my contract. Now this totally sucks and my life is kind of in a whirlwind right now but you got to do what you got to do right? But my parents said that you guys can come live with us too! So that would be fun! Sarah knows how much fun it is at my house...tell em Sarah! So much fun! Words cannot discribe the fun you would have here! Just know I love you girls! Remember who you are, Jesus loves you, stand a little taller today! May the spirit be with you...your sister in the gospel, Amanda Jo Barrus