Friday, August 7, 2009


So seeing as how no one has written on our blog for a while and I am bored I figured I would do so, not that I have much to say but still. I will tell you a little about what I have done this last week. Nothing. That is about it. No I am kidding, I have applied to more jobs and still nothing. I have also been working a ton on my applications for the interior design program at both BYU-I and LDSBC. A ton of my family wants me to go to LDSBC just because it is closer to them which I would be okay with. I love Utah so that would be fine although I would miss Rexburg a ton! I still haven't heard from Cole at all and it has gotten easier not talking to him at all. Sometimes it still stinks and if something happens I think without thinking oh I should tell cole that or something lame and then I realize how stupid I am. I have been talking a lot to a friend of mine named Sean. He is a sweetheart but we are just friends. He is a good guy so don't get any ideas! ha ha ha! I have also been watching a lot of baseball with my brother and I really enjoy it! Those guys are awesome when they don't take steriods! ha ha! Necia and Jessica you would be so proud of me because I have been playing a ton of tennis! Crazy I know but I can see why you like it so much! I am not very good but its still fun and I am getting the hang of it! :) My theories on life have grown as well...such as...eternity is a very very very long time and we are here for like a milli of that so why are we sad or worried about boys and who likes us and who doesn't. Its all about being me and being happy and I will be fine! Life is great so why not enjoy it! :) Well I love you girls! Remember who you are and Jesus loves you! THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!! Don't talk to strangers!!!

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