Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Too long...

So I was thinking and realized that I was the one that was so adamant that we all write on this blog A LOT...and yet here I am and I haven't written for a really long time so since I have nothing to do these days, I thought I'd drop a note :) So my sister visited all last week with my niece and it was so much fun! My niece is so fun and she's talking so much (she's 2) so it's hilarious to hear what words she picks up on and listen to how she pronounces them. Kids are the best, they definitely put life into perspective sometimes. I wish I had a really exciting story or something fun to tell you girls but...nothing comes to mind! I'm really ready to be back at school and be busy again! I know that will change once I start, but I decided I do a lot better when I'm busy rather than not having much to do. I am reading the book My Sister's Keeper that the movie was based off of. So far, it's really good but I heard the ending is nothing like the movie so I'm excited to find out what happens. How are you girls?? I know I talked to you last night but not for very long so fill me in on all the fun stuff! I miss you all!!

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